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George Ferreti

A partner in the firm, George Ferreti concentrates his practice on litigating large loss subrogation cases.  He regularly handles cases involving fires, explosions, power generation equipment failures, and construction-related incidents nationwide.  In handling such matters, Mr. Ferreti spearheads root cause investigations of catastrophic losses on behalf of his clients.  He has also served as defense counsel in construction litigation involving claims for personal injury and property damage and has litigated cases involving zoning and land use issues.


Mr. Ferreti earned his B.A. degree in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991 and his J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1994.

Bar Admissions

Mr. Ferreti is authorized to practice law in Illinois and in the U.S. District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois and Eastern District of Wisconsin.  He has also represented clients in matters pending in state and federal courts throughout the United States.

Professional Associations

Mr. Ferreti is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.

Cited Cases

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Mr. Ferreti is the author of ‚ÄúGarbage In, Garbage Out: ¬†Ensuring the Validity of Finite Element Analysis Models in Subrogation Litigation,‚Ä̬†The Subrogator, Spring/Summer 2004; and a co-author of ‚ÄúLoss Recovery:¬† A Proactive Approach for Self-Insured Risk Management,‚Ä̬†President & CEO, April/May 2005.

George Ferreti
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