Foran Glennon Palandech Ponzi & Rudloff

Civil Defense Litigation

General Tort Defense

Clients select Foran Glennon attorneys for their representation in a variety of general and specialized areas of tort defense because of our acknowledged experience with personal injury and other tort claims. We are frequently chosen by major corporations to serve as their national or regional counsel with responsibility for managing their litigation and for ultimately defending at trial lawsuits against them throughout the United States. Besides lawsuits involving products liability, professional liability, medical malpractice and tort claims against municipalities, we respond to their lawsuits involving construction liability, premises liability, workplace liability and other personal injury claims.

For our clients, we first identify the critical issues presented by a claim and assess the risk exposure to the client. Based upon our evaluation, we confer with the client to develop strategic alternatives to the litigation that align with the client’s business and financial requirements. Should the client want to defend itself vigorously against the claim, we aggressively protect the client and advance its interests through the litigation, trial, and appellate review processes. Alternatively, should the client decide to pursue either a negotiated termination of the claim or closure through an alternative dispute resolution procedure, our knowledge of the trial process, experience in presenting complex issues that can be understood by those charged with deciding them, and understanding of the business considerations underlying the dispute make our attorneys skilled negotiators and effective advocates.

Regardless of the venue in which the claim is to be resolved, our focus always is on creative, cost-effective, and practical solutions for the client.