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Medical Malpractice

In today’s litigious healthcare environment, hospitals, physicians, nurses, and adjunct healthcare professionals are often immersed in medical malpractice actions. Because medical malpractice cases focus on professional judgment, claims can be made fairly easily but they require a tenacious defense.

We take pride in defending not only hospitals and nurses, but also physicians of diverse specialties, including: neurosurgeons, anesthetists, obstetricians, hospitalists, dermatologists, internists, urologists, and neurologists. Given the serious implications of these claims, our defense, from intake through resolution, is guided by individualized attention to each client throughout the litigation process, coupled with meticulous attention to detail in our handling of the case. A malpractice action is more than a case about financial liability: it is an attack on the reputation and competence of the hospital or healthcare professional. For that reason, we are skilled at managing issues beyond the four corners of the lawsuit, such as licensure, hospital privileging, and insurability. By partnering with our clients, we create a clearly-delineated defense strategy to achieve the best possible resolution.

The members of our team have combined experience of more than 80 years and more than 150 trials. We excel at employing effective strategies that favorably resolve even the most challenging and complex cases. Furthermore, our familiarity with the nuances of local venues is complemented by our partnership with a full array of experts.

Although we have a long track record of successful litigation, we also understand that not every case belongs in the courtroom, and that claims with obvious merit should be identified and settled. Whether the strategy is to settle or defend, our attorneys always commit to the highest level of excellence in preparation and execution. We stand and deliver with strength and confidence.