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Products Liability

We know manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer products face products liability risk exposures. These exposures include liability to third parties and loss of corporate, brand, and product reputation. Foran Glennon has served as national or regional counsel for major corporations in numerous industries assisting them in managing and responding to these exposures. These clients select us because of our recognized in-depth knowledge of both the technical and legal issues underlying these exposures. Because of our expertise, we partner successfully in working with highly qualified and respected technical experts in our clients’ defense.

Not only are we qualified in building a client’s defense during pre-trial litigation, but we have established a solid record of vindicating our clients’ products and business practices at trial. However, we are well aware that because of economic and other considerations, not all products liability lawsuits will go to trial for resolution. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that only by actually preparing the case to go to a full trial are clients’ best interests ultimately served. This approach provides our attorneys with knowledge of the issues which is often superior to our adversaries and enables us to represent our clients cost-effectively in any settlement negotiation or alternative dispute resolution setting.

When an organization engages Foran Glennon to assist it in a products liability matter, our goals are threefold: speed, efficiency, and a result that is right for the client. These goals align with management’s needs and the client’s public image. They also lead to our consistent delivery of outstanding outcomes.