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Civil Defense Litigation

Professional Liability

Professionals and institutions in many disciplines have become targets for liability lawsuits. They include individuals such as physicians, adjunct healthcare providers, lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers, architects, engineers, insurance professionals, and human resource personnel. Targeted as well are institutions including teaching hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Because cases brought against such professionals often focus on their judgment, claims are often easy to make and difficult to disprove. Adverse outcomes can involve catastrophic damages.

However, given our extensive experience in working with professionals, we are extremely sensitive to the fact that a claim against a professional is an attack upon his or her reputation and competence which is personal to him or her and carries potential ramifications far beyond the immediacy of the lawsuit. As a result, we work closely with the professional to develop a defense strategy which takes into consideration and balances the economic and reputation exposure presented by the claim. We successfully partner with our clients in developing defense strategies and achieving favorable outcomes because of our in-depth expertise in the professions and disciplines we represent.

Our clients retain us because of the trust and confidence they have when partnering with us for their defense. We know that not every case belongs in the courtroom, and that meritorious claims should be identified and resolved without delay. If, however, our analysis of a case indicates that a litigated solution is the best option, our attorneys will stand and deliver with strength and confidence. Regardless of the size of the case, or whether the strategy is to settle or aggressively defend, our attorneys always commit to the highest level of excellence in preparation and execution.