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Commercial Litigation and Consulting

Association Law

Foran Glennon attorneys represent condominium, homeowner, property, and club and resort associations in a wide variety of transactional and litigation settings. We counsel our clients on complex organizational matters that are unique to associations. In particular, we perform the following services for associations:

  • Interpret and seek enforcement of statutes pertaining to associations, such as Condominium Property Acts;
  • Draft, amend, interpret and seek enforcement of Declarations, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of associations;
  • Assess, advocate, protect, and discharge the rights, remedies and obligations of associations vis-à-vis municipal entities, property management companies, contractors, and other third-party party vendors; and
  • Act as a liaison between the board of directors of an association and property managers and contractors/vendors to achieve the most efficient management and operation of the association as possible.

Disputes can arise in a number of settings, and when they do, we have experience protecting and advancing the interests of our association clients in disputes with unit owners, building managers, contractors and other third-party vendors; financial and taxation disputes; municipal disputes; premises liability tort claims; and property, liability and casualty insurance matters, including recovery litigation relating to fire, water and other calamity-based losses to association property.

Our legal representation of and service to our association clients revolves around the recognition of two critical factors: 1) associations are frequently non-profit organizations with limited financial resources which necessitates highly cost-effective legal service; and 2) associations are owned and controlled by individuals whose units are typically their primary place of residence or business which requires individualized attention and service. By recognizing the unique nature of associations and understanding their needs, we are able to efficiently and effectively advance our client’s interests and serve their needs.