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Property Insurance

Foran Glennon attorneys have handled high-profile commercial property insurance disputes from such catastrophic events as Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the September 11th terrorist attacks, the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the Northridge earthquake. We are equally adept at dealing with more common property insurance claims involving arson, design or construction defects, and time element losses.

We know that communication is essential to ensure that our actions meet our client’s needs. Working collaboratively, we identify critical issues and provide the legal counsel required for resolution. Our practice group includes attorneys with undergraduate degrees in accounting and engineering who are capable of understanding the technical issues that arise in many complex commercial property claims.

As experienced trial lawyers, we can provide legal advice that takes into account the steps necessary to successfully defend a claims decision in front of a judge or jury. Whether we are providing written opinions on policy interpretation, taking examinations under oath, or defending our client’s interests in litigation, our counseling is designed to achieve a result that makes good legal and business sense.

We understand the goal is prompt and fair resolution of each claim based on the circumstances of the loss and the provisions of the insurance policy. However, there are times when a claim cannot be resolved on an amicable basis and a company finds itself in court. Many such disputes include claims of “bad faith.” These often are designed to divert attention from the actual disputes between the parties and put the company and its claim-handling activities and decisions on trial. Regardless, we always maintain our focus, work aggressively to neutralize and eliminate bad faith claims, and develop a strategy for resolving the core issues of the dispute quickly and efficiently. Whatever the approach, we concentrate on the actual dispute between our client and the insured and move toward trial, arbitration, mediation, or other forms of resolution that make sense for all involved.