Diana Lotfi Co-Hosts Webinar on Subrogation and Recovery Theories in Undetermined Fire Cases

Diana Lotfi shares her insights on potential subrogation and recovery theories in cases involving undetermined fires in a recent Envista Forensics webinar.

The on-demand presentation titled “Fire Investigation: Undetermined Cause is the Beginning, Not the End” focuses on all aspects of subrogation on fire losses from investigation and evidence retention to litigation considerations.

In the presentation, Diana and her co-host Michael J. Driscoll, Technical Director of Fire and Explosion at Envista Forensics offered insights on:

  • Tools to analyze potential subrogation and recovery theories in fire losses, including addressing evidence preservation, joint examinations, and spoliation of evidence issues
  • Theories of recovery in arson matters
  • Exploration of careless smoking fires
  • Possible theories relating to control of the premises of origin and/or “res ipsa loquitur” considerations

View the webinar here.

Diana concentrates her practice in the areas of loss recovery/subrogation, products liability, commercial litigation, casualty litigation and insurance coverage. In addition, she has extensive experience representing insurance, corporate and individual clients as plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases throughout the United States and internationally.

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