Diana Lotfi Presents on Maximizing Subrogation Recovery

Foran Glennon is pleased to announce that earlier this year, the firm partnered with Envista Forensics, a forensic engineering and failure analysis company, to share insights on how to investigate and maximize large fire loss recovery.

As part of the program for California’s complex fire continuing education, Diana discussed the immediate steps to be taken when a large loss occurs including putting together the forensic team and evidence preservation considerations while balancing the needs of meeting deadlines in resuming the insured’s operations.

Diana was joined by several co-presenters from Envista, who presented on fire cause and origin investigations, electrical engineer investigations and a digital forensics expert.

Diana concentrates her practice in civil litigation, focusing on subrogation recovery, product liability litigation, and insurance law throughout the United States and abroad.

The presentation was held in Costa Mesa, California. Attendees included claims handlers, insurers and attorneys.

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