Foran Glennon Palandech Ponzi & Rudloff

Practice Groups

Our attorneys are expert in a number of practice areas and continue to refine their expertise through a commitment to ongoing training and education, to stay abreast of new case law and precedents.

One of our driving principles: We understand that often a lawsuit is about more than just financial damages – it can involve a loss of reputation, a public relations disaster, and ongoing repercussions for an individual’s career, or an organization’s success. Our approach, therefore, is comprehensive: to manage all aspects of a client’s suit for the best outcome, mutually agreed upon. It’s not just courtroom tactics but real-life management of every aspect of a case.

In every case we balance risk with the best possible outcome, and advise our clients accordingly on the steps to take to reach that outcome. We also work closely with clients to manage that risk through strategic decisions and well-run operations.

Not every case will end in the courtroom. At Foran Glennon, we work to identify creative solutions that lead to a mutually beneficial outcome; that said, we are ready to bring each and every case to trial. We are committed to the highest level of preparedness for every client – becoming, in fact, expert at our clients’ business, regardless of that business.

Our particular areas of specialization are: