Susan Gummow and Andrew Perry Discuss Bankruptcy-Related Insurance Issues at the American Bankruptcy Institute’s 2022 Central States Bankruptcy Workshop

Foran Glennon shareholder Susan Gummow and partner Andrew Perry led a presentation on common insurance issues confronted by bankruptcy practitioners at the 2022 Central States Bankruptcy Workshop hosted by the American Bankruptcy Institute in June.

During their presentation “It’s All Greek to Me: Understanding Insurance Policies,” Susan and Andrew discussed issues that commonly arise when an insured files for bankruptcy protection, including the impact of bankruptcy petitions on mass tort cases where insurance proceeds are at issue. 

The discussion focused on:

  • The different types of insurance products, including general liability, property and officer and director policies
  • Paying insurance premiums when the insured has filed for bankruptcy
  • The impact of the automatic stay on the claims process and the use of insurance proceeds
  • Handling mass tort claims when the insured is in bankruptcy, including jurisdictional issues
  • Settling insurance claims with the insured within the confines of the bankruptcy case

For more information on the impact of a bankruptcy petition on insurance policies, please contact Susan or Andrew.

Susan focuses her practice on general commercial matters including bankruptcy, insurance coverage and commercial litigation. This combination of experience has resulted in a unique practice area representing insurance companies confronted with a full array of bankruptcy issues.

Andrew concentrates his practice on bankruptcy insurance coverage disputes and has significant experience interpreting contractual obligations and determining the extent contracts are enforceable in bankruptcy cases.

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