Jim Glennon and George Pilja Provide Introductory and Advanced Tutorials on Giving a Deposition in a US-Based Lawsuit to London-Based Insurers

Jim Glennon and George Pilja gave a series of introductory and advanced presentations to a large group of London-based insurers relating to how to give a deposition in a US-based lawsuit. Firm attorney Helen Franzese, who is based in London, hosted the events at Foran Glennon’s London office.

The first presentation, titled “Deposition Boot Camp: How to Stay Cool in the Hot Seat,” addressed the nature and purpose of a deposition, deposition preparation basics, deposition setting and questioning, how to give the best deposition testimony, and real-life deposition examples.

The second presentation, titled “The Subtle Art of Mastering the Claims Professional Deposition,” addressed protecting and advancing the company’s interests, comprehensive deposition preparation techniques, strategies and approaches to best answer difficult, complex and case critical questions, managing deposition testimony use at trial, and relevant real-life deposition scenarios.

Participants took full advantage of the informal and interactive question-answer-comment format of the presentation sessions and gained significant practical, hands-on training for giving their best testimony in a deposition for a US-based lawsuit. The presentations were very well received by nearly 40 representatives from over a half dozen London-based Insurers.

A partner in the firm, Jim concentrates his practice in the areas of loss recovery/subrogation, international litigation, products liability, first-party property insurance coverage, construction litigation, and casualty litigation.

George is a partner in the firm and concentrates his practice in civil litigation, focusing on commercial litigation, construction litigation, product liability litigation, loss recovery/subrogation, casualty litigation and international litigation.

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