Foran Glennon’s subrogation and recovery attorneys deliver efficient, cost-effective and successful legal representation to insurers, reinsurers and self-insured companies. Over the years, we have investigated and litigated thousands of losses throughout the world, consistently delivering successful results in even the most complex cases.

We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and in the process we have saved them a considerable amount of money by minimizing risks and expenses. In each matter, our goal is to maximize our clients' recoveries as quickly as possible, while minimizing risks and costs associated with litigation.


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Foran Glennon attorneys conduct thorough yet practical investigations on our clients’ behalf in order to accurately determine the root cause of an incident. With extensive litigation experience throughout the United States and internationally, our attorneys advise on matters arising from fires, explosions, machinery and equipment malfunctions and failures, gas and water losses, structural collapses, transportation and logistics losses, natural catastrophes and other losses. Globally, we regularly subrogate in the product and commodity manufacturing, power and energy, chemical/petrochemical, construction, warehousing, products, transportation and maritime industries.

Our team is ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice, regularly coordinating on-site investigations of a loss within 24 hours of notification. Our attorneys respond immediately to secure evidence and identify potentially culpable parties, timely placing them on notice so that they can participate in investigation activities to avert any claims of spoliation of evidence. We are also keenly aware of our clients’ interest in avoiding delays in repairs, and, as such, we steer investigations aggressively to ensure timely completion.

In our decades of experience in this space we have also built a deep bench of expert consultants across industries who can assist in undertaking thorough technical investigations to ensure that subrogation efforts are based upon technically sound bases.

Our attorneys carefully evaluate the facts and the law before recommending whether to pursue subrogation, concentrating only on subrogation that is economically viable. We thoroughly and objectively assess the recovery potential of each loss and disclose the strengths and weaknesses of a potential case to our clients, giving them the tools to take informed action that matches their strategic business goals.

Throughout litigation, we advance the lawsuit as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, developing creative theories of liability based on our significant experience trying complex cases before judges and juries throughout the country. We are highly experienced in depositions and alternative dispute resolution, and our proficiencies in oral argument during motion practice have yielded outstanding results.


Our attorneys understand that our clients’ business needs often include specific internal reporting requirements and milestones. We tailor pace and communication style to each client, with the goal of assessing case strengths, weaknesses, costs and progress, reporting developments, and providing strategic case handling advise on a frequent and timely basis.


We have handled losses and related investigations and complex litigation in dozens of countries spanning five continents, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Croatia, Egypt, Nigeria, China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Our London office is located directly adjacent to the Lloyd’s Building in London’s central business district. We regularly consult and provide live presentations internationally on trending issues impacting loss recovery.

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