Casualty Defense

For more than two decades, Foran Glennon has represented the interests of corporations, individuals and professionals directly and at the request of insurance carriers in virtually every manner of personal injury, tort and contract litigation throughout the United States. Whether it is a serious multimillion-dollar high profile claim or a request to defend a witness in a subpoena deposition, we resolve the critical issues and cases according to each client’s particular business needs.

Major corporations regularly count on our firm to serve as national or regional counsel to coordinate and defend litigation around the country. Our attorneys handle these matters from inception through trial and, where necessary, appeal. For every case, we prepare as if it would go to trial, but recognize our clients’ economic and business interests are paramount. We emphasize client communication and big-picture perspective when devising a defense for each case.

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Our extensive experience includes defending cases involving professional liability, products liability, construction personal injury and breach of contract claims, property damage claims, premises liability, medical malpractice, workplace liability and personal injury claims. Our attorneys also serve as nationwide counsel for corporations or insurers with significant litigation management needs, including as trial or coordinating and/or monitoring counsel.


Our attorneys are keenly aware of the practical realities in jurisdictions nationwide, informing our clear advice on the potential permutations from venue to venue and judge to judge. This awareness of courtroom procedures, prevailing trends and jurisdictional nuances keeps clients a step ahead of the shifting dynamics in the industry.

Our deep experience affords us the insight into engaging the proper consultants and experts, from medical doctors to architects, engineers, safety professionals, economists and others to defend our clients. We litigate against plaintiffs’ firms of every size and reputation and as a result understand the qualities our adversaries bring to each case. Our wealth of knowledge of the law, experts, consultants and opposing counsel provides our clients with exceptional insight and enables us to assess and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and critical issues for each matter. By providing detailed, informed assessments of the risk attendant to their case and the potential variables, clients can make informed decisions about resolution strategies and their strategic goals.

Based upon our evaluation, we confer with the client to develop strategic alternatives to litigation that align with the client’s business and financial requirements. If needed, our attorneys have extensive experience with mediation, arbitration and pre-trial settlement negotiations.

During each step of the litigation process, we evaluate and assess the client’s risk exposure, providing legal advice that accounts for the work necessary to successfully defend our clients before a judge or jury. In situations where an acceptable resolution cannot be achieved, we defend our clients vigorously and aggressively protect and advance their interests through the discovery process and trial.


We have defended clients from around the world in property damages and personal injury cases. Our attorneys understand the perspective of product designers, manufacturers and other entities outside the US and are able to answer their questions and guide them through the challenges presented by the defense of each case. We appreciate that communication with our international clients is important to determine the best resolution strategy on a given matter. In addition, we have experience advising our international clients and their subsidiaries when they are served with a lawsuit in the US. In that role, we have experience defending those clients in jurisdiction challenges.

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