Michael Errera Shares Insights on Critical Issues Relating to Expert Retention in Loss Scenarios

In a recent webinar, Foran Glennon partner Michael Errera discussed the importance of retaining the right experts to investigate a product and property damage claim.

In Michael’s session titled “Anatomy of a Successful Seven Figure Product Liability Subrogation Case for Loss of Property: How to Win a Case in the First Month,” he detailed a situation involving a fire at a warehouse that resulted in a multimillion-dollar property and inventory loss.

Michael emphasized the importance of:

  • Early expert retention in order to effectively participate in a scene inspection, evidence collection and laboratory examination
  • Retaining an expert qualified in each relevant disciplinary field (e., electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, fire investigator, etc.), instead of relying on an expert who offers opinions that extend beyond their qualifications
  • Recognizing that relying upon an unqualified expert can lead to unnecessary costs, a false sense of security and missed opportunities to reach resolution

For more information on hosting a similar business program, please contact Michael Errera.

Michael centers his practice on civil litigation matters with an emphasis on loss recovery/subrogation, commercial and construction claims and products liability. With his broad range of experience, he assists clients in a variety of issues and contributes to leading industry publications and organizations regularly.

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