Foran Glennon Joins Global Insurance Law Connect as First US-Based Member

Foran Glennon is pleased to announce its membership of Global Insurance Law Connect (GILC), a global alliance of insurance law firms. The firm’s inclusion establishes it as the first US-based entity to join the network, expanding GILC’s presence to encompass 23 territories.

“As the United States is the world’s largest insurance market, it is crucial for our network to partner with a firm that has specialist knowledge and expertise in the sector. Foran Glennon is exactly that firm,” said Gillian Davidson, Chair of GILC.

This collaborative initiative positions the firm to cultivate global partnerships with similar legal entities and enhance the value delivered to clients on a global scale.

Moreover, Foran Glennon’s wealth of experience within the insurance sector, spanning both the United States and London, positions the firm as an invaluable asset for the GILC network. The extensive knowledge and proficiency in insurance law plays a pivotal role in supporting clients within the critical US market and underscores the firm’s position an effective representative of the GILC network.

“Foran Glennon is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights and resources to GILC,” commented John Eggum, Foran Glennon shareholder. “As a full-service law firm focused on serving the insurance sector, we are eager to make meaningful contributions to the network and are enthusiastic about the promise of this partnership in the future.”

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GILC represents a diverse group of boutique insurance law firms spread across 23 countries on five continents. The network’s extensive reach provides invaluable local insights crucial for navigating complex cross-border legal challenges within the dynamic global marketplace.

Since 2001, Foran Glennon has represented clients across the globe, offering sophisticated legal services in a cost-effective manner. The firm’s solution-focused attorneys represent insurance companies and other businesses in coverage, defense and subrogation matters, as well as in commercial litigation and bankruptcy, insolvency and creditors’ rights cases.

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