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Matthew Ponzi and Thomas Orlando Receive Affirming Result in Federal Appeals Court Ruling

Matthew Ponzi and Thomas Orlando obtained a significant win in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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Nicholas Marino Awarded Summary Judgment in Negligence Action Stemming from Patron’s Assault After Being Denied Re-Entry to Manhattan Bar

Nicholas Marino received a summary judgment in a case that involved negligent action.

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John Eggum and Brian Devilling Share Insights on Effective Claims Practices and Considerations for Resolving Disputed Claims

John Eggum and Brian Devilling presented tips on claims practices and considerations for resolving disputed claims to an insurance company.

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Jim Glennon and George Pilja Provide Introductory and Advanced Tutorials on Giving a Deposition in a US-Based Lawsuit to London-Based Insurers

Jim Glennon and George Pilja gave presentations to London-based insurers group.

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Michael Sever Shares Insights on the Impact of Legislation on Claims Against Dissolved Corporations in the IDC Quarterly

Michael Sever discussed a recent change to Illinois law in the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel (IDC) Quarterly.

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