John Smith and Matthew Reddy Obtain Back-to-Back Not Guilty Verdicts in Multimillion Dollar Claims

Since joining Foran Glennon in April, shareholder John Smith and partner Matthew Reddy have brought two separate medical malpractice cases to trial in which they have obtained not guilty verdicts on behalf of their clients.

In the most recent case, the plaintiff claimed the team’s plastic surgeon client failed to properly position a patient during a cosmetic surgical procedure allegedly resulting in a flail foot injury. According to the plaintiff, the surgeon’s improper placement of the patient and decision to leave the patient in this position resulted in nerve injury and resulting flail foot, which allegedly caused ongoing functional deficits in her ankle and severe prolonging pain.

The plaintiff’s experts testified that the patient suffered a nerve injury at or near her pelvis along her sciatic nerve. The defense’s experts claimed that the patient was positioned appropriately in the standard manner and disputed the location of the nerve lesion.

The jury rendered a verdict in favor of John and Matthew’s client, denying the plaintiff’s requested $7,400,000 in damages.

This trial win was the second of two back-to-back wins in which John and Matthew served as trial attorneys. In the previous trial concerning an internal medicine physician client, the plaintiff accused the internal medicine physician of failing to administer an anti-coagulant medication to a patient, allegedly resulting in the patient’s death. 

Using evidence-based medicine and statistics, the defendant’s experts concluded the patient was treated properly, and the jury ruled in favor of John and Matthew’s client, denying the plaintiff’s requested $1,750,000 in damages.

In December 2021, John also received a not guilty verdict in a medical malpractice case involving a patient who developed a permanent disability after hip surgery. The plaintiff in the case requested $11,400,000, however, the jury came to the not guilty verdict in favor of John’s orthopedic surgeon client.

John centers his practice on civil litigation and medical malpractice. He utilizes his more than 35 years of experience representing clients to bring about as advantageous results as possible on their behalf.

Matthew concentrates his practice on medical malpractice. He employs his extensive civil litigation trial experience to develop strong defenses early on while keeping clients’ best interests his top priority.

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