John Smith and Matthew Reddy Secure Not Guilty Verdict in $1.75M Claim for Physician Client

Foran Glennon shareholder John Smith and partner Matthew Reddy obtained a not guilty verdict for their internal medicine physician client in a case involving an alleged failure to provide appropriate medication to a patient, allegedly resulting in the patient’s death.

The plaintiff accused the internal medicine physician of failing to administer Lovenox, an anti-coagulant medication, to a patient in a nursing home setting. The plaintiff claimed the patient had certain risks for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), and, due to her age and lack of mobility, the standard of care required the doctor to administer Lovenox. 

An expert witness called upon by the plaintiff claimed the standard of care required Lovenox to reduce the risk of a DVT and resulting PE. The defendant’s experts counter-stated the patient was already on medication that provided prophylaxis for DVTs, and additional blood-thinning medication would put the patient at an unacceptable risk for a major bleeding event. Using evidence-based medicine and statistics, the defendant’s experts concluded the patient was at a far higher risk for a major bleeding event than a PE.

The jury ruled in favor of John and Matthew’s client, denying the plaintiff’s requested $1,750,000 in damages.

John concentrates his practice in civil litigation with particular experience in medical malpractice. Clients rely on his more than 35 years of experience to aid them in achieving favorable outcomes in environmental litigation, medical malpractice and product liability matters, including pharmaceutical products and business litigation.

With thorough experience in civil litigation matters, Matthew centers his practice on medical malpractice. By viewing cases from all possible angles and crafting strong defenses early on, he has repeatedly tried cases to verdict and saved clients millions in requested damage costs.

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